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2016-2018 Regional Vice President Cuba Accorhotels
2014-2015 Cluster General Manager 2 Sofitel Sofitel - Accorhotels
General Manager (Pre-opening | Opening)
Sofitel - Accorhotels
General Manager
Sofitel - Accorhotels
General Manager
General Manager
Karafuu Hotel
Deputy General Manager
Karafuu Hotel
Director and Operations Manager
Tanganyika Expeditions
Indirect sales Manager
Marketig and Sales Manager
IDA Informatique
2016-2018   La Havana - Cuba
  Regional Vice President Cuba  
  In charge of the operations of 3 hotels in Cuba  
  Mercure Sevilla La Habana - 178 rooms  
  Mercure Playa de Oro - Varadero - 380 rooms  
  Pullman Cayo Coco - 570 rooms  

The 6th of December 2017 as the legal representative of Accorhotels in Cuba, I signed the management contract for the Sofitel SO/ La Havana.

Opening date January 2020

Malabo – Equatorial Guinea
  Cluster General Manager  
During this period I have been in charge of 2 Sofitel
At the end of my mission, I have been awarded by the President of Equatorial Guinea as Officer of The Legion of Honour (Oficial de la Orden de la Independencia) for my outstanding participation during 8 years to the development of the country as Sofitel General Manager.

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In september 2015, during the first global Luxury & Upscale Brands General Managers’ Convention at the Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit with over 380 General Managers and Accor executives, I have received the award of The best worldwide Cousu-Main.

This award is dedicated to the service culture of Sofitel. The Cousu Main award for Sofitel literally rewards “service from the heart” and the Ambassadors that have gone above and beyond the call of duty to create those hand crafted service memories that will live forever in the hearts of our guests.


"Just before leaving for Cuba..."

An article in the internal HR AccorHotels Magazine What's up

Sipopo – Equatorial Guinea
General Manager (Pre-opening | Opening)

200 rooms – 220 employees – 18 holes golf course
Owned by the Government of Equatorial Guinea
Contract agreement has been signed in December 2010, we had 6 months to succeed the opening and welcome the XVIIth African Union Summit (June 2011)
We welcomed 6 former Presidents:
Brazil Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva
South Africa Thabo Mbeki
Nigeria Abdulsalami Alhaji Abubakar
Burundi Pierre Buyoya
Ghana Jerry John Rawlings
Guinea Conakry Sékouba Konaté
and 50 Ministers of Foreign Affairs
The hotel has been awarded Best African Luxury Golf Resort by the World Luxury Hotel Awards in 2013

The hotel has been awarded as one of the best 25 hotels in all Africa for 2013 by Tripadvisor


Employees’ satisfaction survey
December 2014 – 92% happy to work in the hotel
December 2013 – 92% happy to work in the hotel
December 2012 – 95% happy to work in the hotel
December 2011 – 90% happy to work in the hotel

On February 2011, I have been awarded by Sofitel has the best General Manager in one of the 3 values of Sofitel: “Spirit of Openness” demonstrating my ability to work in a multicultural, multiethnic environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity
Press release
Malabo - Equatorial Guinea
General Manager
100 rooms - 140 employees - Government's hotel
The hotel is owned by the Government of Equatorial Guinea and the President wanted the hotel to be the "showcase" of his country It is why he chose Sofitel to manage his hotel The objective was to be the best hotel in the sub-region

With the new re-branding of Sofitel as a High Luxury Brand, we managed the target of The President
In 3 years, I have welcomed 1 King, 21 Presidents and more than 50 Ministers
King of Morocco Mohammed VI
Princess of Jordania Gilda Talal
Equatorial Guinea Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasongo
Brazil Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva
South Africa Jacob Zuma
Nigeria Olusegun Basanjo
São Tomé Fradique de Manezes
Togo Faure Gnassingbé
Malawi Elson Bakili Muzuli
Burkina Faso Blaise Capaoré
Central Africa Rep François Bozizé
Sierra Leone Ernest Bai Koroma
Cape Verde Pedro Pires
Ethiopia Meles Zewani
Central Africa Rep Ange Félix Patassé
Ivory Coast Laurent Gbagbo
Cameroun Paul Biya
Tchad Idriss Déby Itno
Congo Denis Sassou-Nguesso
Gabon Ali Bongo Ondimba
Ghana John Atta-Mills
Guinea Conakry Sékouba Konaté
Mali Alpha Oumar Konaré
Comments from clients
Press release
Banjul - The Gambia
General Manager
contact: christian.windfuhr@grandcityhotels.com (former Comex member)
204 Rooms - 250 employees

Before my arrival, the hotel has been managed by 4 different General Managers in 2 years and 90% of the permanent staffs have been working for more than 20 years in the company.
The consequences of these 2 points were:
  • No real strategy of management for the last 2 years
  • The staff was taking advantage of the lack of management
During the first 6 months I have mostly emphasized on operations and controls.
I quickly realized that the F&B staffs were stealing more than 30.000 Euro per month that I stopped by introducing a cashless policy in the hotel outlets.
I had to re-think the complete control in the finance department (1.000.000 € debtors, no balance sheet...).
And the most difficult, I had to get the trust of all the remaining "honest" staff.
After these 6 months, I mainly emphasized on service. The activity is seasonal and starts current October. It was important after getting back the hotel to normal finance and management to think about customers. With the help of the owner we invested in some new equipments, new decoration, new services (F&B) to make the clients (a lot are repeaters) to feel the difference.
On October 2007, Corinthia Atlantic Hotel has been awarded Gambia's leading Hotel by the World Travel Awards.
Press release
Zanzibar - Tanzania
General Manager
89 Rooms - 160 employees
In 2001 the occupation went up from 55% to 85% over the year. The owners faced a new situation:





  • increasing of client insatisfactions
  • increasing of general costs in a non proportional way
  • The image of the hotel started to become bad
  • The maintenance state of the hotel was poor
How did I solve these problems ?
  • After a quick audit I realised that the previous GM was managing the hotel by himself in all departments. If it was nearly impossible with 55% occupancy over the year, it was simply impossible with 85%.
My first step was de recruit (internal and external) department managers, to train them in my way of managing.
It was easyer after to train the staff and assist them to ameliorate the client satisfaction
  • I realised also that there were parallel sales in the hotel. Clients paying cash at the bars, boutiques, restaurants, massages, etc.., or staff saling excursions and also staffs stealing food and beverages. All was organized by few staffs employed since the opening of the hotel.
This second step was a little bit longer to solve because it was important not to face a strong reaction from this people. I first started to identify this people, afterwards, I isolated them in different departments to finally put them out one by one in a period of 1 year
Doing this second step was more successfull than I thought because most of others employees were scared of the old "mafia" staff . So afterwards not only the cost was really doing better but the quality of the service with new employees was excellent.
  • The previous manager to reduce the cost that was incrasing a lot, completly cancel any maintenance job in the hotel. The consequence after one year was a disaster and increase the insatisfaction of the clients and in the same time distroy the state of the hotel.
I put back the maintenance in a good stage with a new manager and a weekly and monthly maintenance program.
Figures of Karafuu hotel end of 2005
  • 97% of the clients are happy of the hotel
  • Costs decrease of more than 20% compare to 2002. Cost per bednight passing from $33 to $26
  • All rooms are renovated once a year
  • Number of employees passed from 190 to 160
On the 20th of September 2006, Karafuu Hotel has been awarded:

"Africa leading resort" & "Tanzania's leading hotel"

by the World Travel Awards
Press release

In Zanzibar I am also Executive Member of ZATI

(Zanzibar Association of Tourism Investors). (www.zati.org)

This association has been established to represent the interest of all Tourism Investors in Zanzibar. The aim is to ensure a sustainable and professional Tourism industry of the highest standard, working with the government institution to achieve this.
The Association is very important in creating and implementing the ‘Public and Private Sector Partnership’ in order to succeed in the common goal to have Zanzibar as a favorable tourist destination.
You can see the mid term report below
Zanzibar - Tanzania
Deputy General Manager
89 Rooms - 160 employees
During these 6 months I had 2 objectives:
  • To manage the Reception and Guest Relation
  • To get all informations to become the new General Manager
Arusha - Tanzania
Director and Operations Manager
contact: denis@tanganyika.com (owner)
In my assigned job, I was in charge of:
at the office
  • to manage a team of 140 people
  • to organise drivers, guides and cars timetables (car fleet of 30 cars)
  • to negotiate contracts with supplyers
  • to book all safaris
on the field
  • to deal with the logistic (drivers, guides, cars, campsite, supply,...)
  • to accompany clients during their safari (groups between 50 to 100 people)
  • to accompany Travel Agencies on survey to sale the safari to their clien
Tented camps
During these 4 years I had managed 3 tented camps including the opening of 2 of them. They are based in:
  • Serengeti
  • Ngorongoro
  • Tarangire
Over a 4 years period we dealt with more than 15 000 customers.
Drivers-guides team
Paris - France
Indirect sales Manager

Cognos is a Canadian company specialised in management software tools.

In 1996, Cognos decided to set up a indirect sales network for its french subsidary. Up to this date, all sales had been done through the direct sales department.

My assigned job was to prospect, develop and animate this network all over France territory. The target was to get 3 types of partners:

  • Partners which ones integrate completly our softwares inside theirs.
  • Partners which ones propose our software as a complement to their software.
  • Partners which ones are only dealers of our softwares.

For this 3 types of partners, we have developped a complet service to help them:

  • To train them
  • To help them technically
  • To help them to sale our softwares
  • To maintain their knowledge up to date

One and half year after this department set up, Cognos France had more than 40 partners

Toulouse - France
Marketing and Sales Manager for a new market
National saling of DATAVIANDE, management software for meat industries on mini-system IBM AS/400.

I started to work for IDA Informatique during my Marketing studies. In 1991 I made for them a market study to know if there was an potencial market in the meat industry. The result showed that the market was important but one software company was already deeply established.

In 1992, IDA Informatique manager's decided to target this market with a team of 3 technicians, 1 saler and 1 sofware: Dataviande.

In 1993, after the end of my studies, I joined this team as saler.

Through these 3 years I have:

  • propected custumers all over France territory
  • negociated with financial managers or director of 20 to 300 employees companies
  • sold Dataviande between 100.000 to 200.000 €

In 1996, Dataviande was a software well established in France.

Today Dataviande is posisionned as the reference for the meat market.

This first professional experience was really enriching for the negociation